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Samuel Theis
"We are all branded at birth by social judgments. Some people succeed in escaping them, but that does not prevent determinism developing. In this film, I want to explore the necessity of leaving."
Samuel Theis
"Samuel Theis has created a highly original, compelling, layered and insightful experience that invites us to confront our own humanity with mystery, grace, complexity and lyricism"
"For the emotional range he displays on screen in a tour-de-force performance in the film Softie by Samuel Theis."
"Samuel Theis’ film Softie is a bold drama about a ten-year-old boy who falls for his inspirational teacher. Remarkable and surprising, a real gem."
"Excellent performances and impressive cinematograpy (…) Expertly captures the confusion, fear and anger as a child attempts to negotiate both the hardships of life and his burgeoning sexuality."
"Among the most accomplished and strongest films to be seen at Cannes this year."
"An intimate and delicate story, bittersweet and at once simple and profound, Softie subtly explores the different facets of the emotional, intellectual but also sexual awakening."


Sensitive, curious, and intelligent, ten-year-old Johnny stands out from his family and tough neighborhood. Things change when a new teacher, fresh from the big city, takes over Johnny's class. Mr. Adamski believes in Johnny and wants to open a new world to him.

Key words :
Social Class, Education, Blossom
International Title :
Softie (Petite Nature)
Key Infos :
Completed - Drama - French - Color
Directed by :
Samuel Theis
Written by :
Samuel Theis
Produced by :
Caroline Bonmarchand (Avenue B Productions - France)
Cast :
Aliocha Reinert, Antoine Reinartz, Izïa Higelin