Shock Waves First Name : Mathieu

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Lionel Baier



Set in the 1980s, 17-year-old Mathieu is the only survivor of an infamous serial killer making the headlines. Injured and traumatized, he tries to regain a foothold in the existence of his family and his village. Despite the kindness of one another, his daily life does not find the mildness of before. There is this stabbing remembrance of the night of his aggression, the feeling that the killer is there, in his room, that he is the only one capable of understanding and soothing. Thanks to an incredible photographic memory and the help of an intuitive policeman, the teenager will succeed in making the identikit of the aggressor then leading to his arrest. But for Mathieu, nothing is really completed so far...

Key words :
Journey, Criminal Case, Tales, Imagination
International Title :
Shock Waves - First Name : Mathieu (Ondes de Choc - Prénom : Mathieu)
Key Infos :
Completed - Drama - French - Color - 61'
Directed by :
Lionel Baier
Written by :
Julien Bouissoux and Lionel Baier
Produced by :
Lionel Baier, Agnieszka Ramu & Françoise Mayor (Bande A Part Films - Switzerland)
Cast :
Maxime Gorbatchevsky, Michel Vuillermoz, Ursina Lardi, Pierre-Isaïe Duc, Mickael Ammann, Adrien Barazzone, Nastassja Tanner