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Samuel Theis
"We are all branded at birth by social judgments. Some people succeed in escaping them, but that does not prevent determinism developing. In this film, I want to explore the necessity of leaving, of finding where you belong."
Samuel Theis



Johnny is ten years old and interested only in matters beyond his years. In the housing project in eastern France where he grows up, he is a curious observer of his young mother's turbulent love life. This year, Johnny is in the class of Mr. Adamski, a new teacher. The boy discovers love and the difficulty of its boundaries.

Key words :
Social Class, Education, Blossom
International Title :
Softie (Petite Nature)
Key Infos :
In Post Production - Drama - French - Color
Directed by :
Samuel Theis
Written by :
Samuel Theis
Produced by :
Caroline Bonmarchand (Avenue B Productions - France)
Cast :
Aliocha Reinert, Antoine Reinartz, Izïa Higelin