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Samuel Theis
"We are all branded at birth by social judgments. Some people succeed in escaping them, but that does not prevent determinism developing. In this film, I want to explore the necessity of leaving, of finding where you belong."
Samuel Theis



Ten-year-old Johnny is interested only in matters beyond his years. In the council estate in eastern France where he grows up, he is a curious observer of his young mum's turbulent love life. Everything changes when he finds himself in the class of Mr. Adamski. The new teacher, coming from a big city, intrigues the young boy.

Key words :
Social Class, Education, Blossom
International Title :
Softie (Petite Nature)
Key Infos :
In Post Production - Drama - French - Color
Directed by :
Samuel Theis
Written by :
Samuel Theis
Produced by :
Caroline Bonmarchand (Avenue B Productions - France)
Cast :
Aliocha Reinert, Antoine Reinartz, Izïa Higelin