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Sofia Alaoui
“I want to show how a supernatural event can create disruption in society.”
Sofia Alaoui



Itto, a young woman from a modest rural background, is slowly adapting to the Moroccan upper middle-class codes of her husband’s family. But when supernatural events put the country in a state of emergency, Itto finds herself separated from her husband and new family. Alone, pregnant and looking for her way back, she finds emancipation.

Key words :
Supernatural - Religion - Morocco
International title :
Key infos :
In post-production - Sci-fi - Morocco - Color
Directed by :
Sofia Alaoui
Written by :
Sofia Alaoui
Produced by :
Wrong Films, Srab Films
Cast :
Oumaïma Barid, Mehdi Dehib, Fouad Oughaou