Ordinary Failures

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Cristina Groșan
”I’m interested in showing a colorful society – not everyone is rich, not all couples are heterosexual and certainly, not everybody is happy.”
Cristina GROȘAN
"We were very impressed by these women who rebel against ordinary failures. Cristina Grosan choral and feminist dystopia is a warning about a world that is mysteriously collapsing. And at the same, it is an urge not to give in to the vertigo of the apocalypse, but to fight back by making pacts with other fellow human beings."
Gaia Furrer, Giornate degli Autori artistic director



A misfit teenager, an anxious mother, and a recent widow see their day interrupted by a mysterious natural phenomenon. As their world descends into chaos, the three women struggle to find their place in life.

Key words :
International Title :
Ordinary Failures
Key Infos :
Completed - Drama - Czech - Color - 84'
Directed by :
Cristina Groșan
Written by :
Klára Vlasáková
Produced by :
Xova Film, Laokoon Filmgroup, Rosamont, Czech Television, Super film
Cast :
Nora Klimešová, Beáta Kaňoková, Taťjana Medvecká