Maya Nilo (Laura)

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Lovisa Sirén
« I was longing to see these new types of family constellations and depict how patterns are difficult to break. »
Lovisa Sirén



Old Irma is sick. Her two daughters and granddaughter take to the road to go see her in Sagres, Portugal. Laughter, arguments and heartbreaks: what makes a family?

Key Words :
Sisterhood, Road Trip, Music
International Title :
Maya Nilo (Laura)
Key infos :
Completed - Road movie - Sweden, Finland, Belgium - Color
Directed by :
Lovisa Sirén
Written by :
Lovisa Sirén, Peter Modestij
Produced by :
Siri Hjorton Wagner ([sic] Film - Sweden), Julia Gebauer (Way Creative - Sweden), Elli Toivoniemi (Tuffi Films - Finland), Beata Saboova (Umedia - Belgium)