Gender Derby

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Camille Ducellier
"We live in this way the exciting path towards a non-binary world that finally begins to be visible from the hands of the youngest"
Seville European FF
"Through my documentary experiences, I always have the desire to share the voices of those who reinvent, in the margins, their bodies in motion"
Camille Ducellier



This documentary serial challenges gender stereotypes by focusing on the singular journey of Jasmin, a transgender boy who is passionate about Roller Derby. Introducing an intimate and unusual portrait, this serial is proposed in vertical format for a face to face with Jasmin through this unique moment of transition.

Key words :
Transfluid, Roller Derby, Vertical, Transition
International Title :
Gender Derby
Key Infos :
Completed - Documentary - French - Color - 55'
Directed & Written by :
Camille Ducellier
Produced by :
Romain Bonnin (FLAIR Production - France)
Cast :
Jasmin Le Malin aka Fouf la Rage