Erasing Frank

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Gábor Fabricius
"Erasing Frank is an attempt to redefine direct cinema and social drama. I want to let the audience go through raw experience in a deshumanized orwellian reality."
Gàbor Fabricius



1983, behind the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe in Budapest. Frank is the charismatic singer of a banned punk band that carries the voice of their generation against a totalitarian regime. Taken by the police psychiatric hospital in an attempt to silence him, Frank will sacrifice everything to resist.

Key words :
Resistance - Rage - Music
International title :
Erasing Frank
Key infos :
Completed - Drama - Hungarian - B&W -
Directed by :
Gábor Fabricius
Written by :
Gábor Fabricius
Produced by :
Otherside Stories
Cast :
Benjamin Fuchs - Kincs Blénesi - Andrea Waskovich