Ceniza Negra

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Sofía Quirós Ubeda
« An arrestingly beautiful coming-of-age story that unfolds like the dreamy incantation of a spell, or a bedside prayer murmured over clasped hands »
« Land of Ashes is a different, deep and beautiful film, carrying the magical South American realism »
Cairo International Film Festival
« Intimate, with a feather-light touch, Land Of Ashes (Ceniza Negra) explores mourning with a perspective which is both naively childlike and full of ancient mystery and magic. »
Screen International
« The people seem part of a seamless whole with the teeming, twittering natural landscape, a realm full of life and death, ebbing and flowing like sea at the beach »
Hollywood Reporter


Selva (13) lives in a Caribbean coastal town. After the sudden disappearance of her only motherly figure, Selva is the only one left to take care of her grandfather, who doesn’t want to live anymore. Between mysterious shadows and wild games, she debates whether helping her grandfather achieve his desire, even though this might mean going through her last moments of childhood alone.

Key Words
Generations, Mysterious, Rituals
International Title :
Land of Ashes (Ceniza Negra)
Key Infos :
Completed - Drama - Spanish - Color - 82'
Directed & Written by :
Sofía Quirós Ubeda
Produced by :
Mariana Murillo (Sputnik Films - Costa Rica), Cecilia Salim (Murillo Cine - Argentina), Millaray Cortés & Matías Echevarría (La POST Producciones - Chile), Samuel Chauvin (Promenades Films - France)
Cast :
Smachleen Gutiérrez, Humberto Samuels, Hortensia Smith, Keha Brow