The Most Fearless

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Heather Kessinger



Selling trinkets on the beach, 7 year old Nasima’s attention is caught by something: surfing has come to Bangladesh. She will become the first female surfer in Bangladesh, a place where women don’t even swim in public. Now 21, she shoulders impossible pressure. Will Nasima be able to withstand the forces against her and open new doors for the next generation?

Key Words :
Surf, Leader, Inspiring
International Title :
The Most Fearless
Key infos :
Completed - Documentary - Bengali, English - Color - 77'
Directed by :
Heather Kessinger
Written by :
Kevin Klauber, Jaimal Yogis
Produced by :
Heather Kessinger (Photo SF - USA), Jaimal Yogis (Photo SF - USA), Chevy K. Chen (Fireglory Pictures - USA) Christine Günther (Fireglory Pictures - Germany)